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Join Pops at the Basketball Barn!! Develop and refine your skills/mechanics and improve your shooting accuracy!

Visit the Event Calendar to see when the Basketball Barn is available and contact Steve "Pops" McDermeit by email, text or phone to schedule a session.

If you know someone who enjoys basketball and has a desire to improve his/her skills, CLICK HERE to purchase a Gift Certificate to the Basketball Barn. 
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Structured Approach

Using technology with emphasis on  proven shooting mechanics!

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Close attention is paid to proper shooting mechanics.  We emphasize the importance of targeting, stance/alignment/balance, leg action, hand placement, shot path, guide hand involvement, elbow position, shot arc, backspin and follow-through.   We then move to maximizing shooting reps in order to establish muscle memory for the proper motion.  

Smart Ball Technology

Using the 94Fifty smart ball, iPad, AppleTV, video projector,13-foot projection screen and sound system, you get  immediate feedback on shot arc, shot speed (time taken from catch to release) and backspin.  The Smart Net and HomeCourt track all makes/misses.

Repetition & Analysis

"You can't improve upon something you don't measure!"

One feature of the Basketball Barn that is difficult to find in other facilities is the dedicated high-tech environment which allows for uninterrupted focus on achieving large number of shooting repetitions.   Reps are accomplished using  two Shoot Away Guns, Homecourt and the 94Fifty Smart Ball.   The complete training session is recorded using the HomeCourt  iPhone app.   All makes/misses are plotted with percentages and a separate video is created showing the shooter's longest streak.  All 94Fifty smart ball data (# of shots taken and shot arc) is displayed in real time on a 13 ft projection screen and audio feedback for shot arc is provided over a large speaker for quick analysis and adjustments. 

Basketball Barn Highlights

The above video provides highlights for some of the participants who have trained at the Basketball Barn over the past few months.  

Recent Accomplishments - Worldwide Challenges on Homecourt


Check out what some of the Basketball Barn Hoopsters are accomplishing in Homecourt worldwide challenges.  


3-Point Threat (# of 3s made in 1 minute) -- 12000+ Contestants

Brayden Sadler (Ottawa University) -- ranked #4 on global leaderboard -- 23

Brogan Rowley -- ranked #10  - 20

Lilly Hoffman -- ranked #6 - 21

Pull-up Master (time taken to make 10 shots alternating elbow to elbow) - 9000+ Contestents)

Brogan Rowley  (Ell-Saline HS) -- ranked #6 globally - 25.6 sec

Lilly Hoffman (Udall HS) -- ranked #11 - 27.9 sec

Paige Corter (Flinthills HS) - ranked #16 globally -- 30 sec

Alexa Logsdon (Udall HS) - ranked #5 globally - 24.3 sec


Laser Focused (consecutive Free Throws) -- 9000+ Contestents

Pops McDermeit -- ranked #4 -  138 Free Throws in a Row


The Basketball Barn

1-on-1 Personal Instruction,  Small Group Instruction,  Camps, 3-on-3 Tournaments, Pickle Ball.

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