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The Basketball Barn

Basketball Barn

"A Shooting Retreat"


Welcome to My name is Steve McDermeit.   My wife Cheryl and I are often asked why we decided to build a gym in such a remote area.  Our response is quite simple and  3-fold.  We built it for:

1) our personal enjoyment and recreation. It is our desire and intention to continue participating and competing in Senior Games events (Basketball 3-on-3, Shooting Contests and Pickleball competitions).  While Cheryl's main use is the exercise equipment and Pickleball, I enjoy just shooting; striving to better my personal best of 143 consecutive free throws and  56 consecutive 3-point shots;

2)  a place for family and friends to gather and have fun competitions in basketball, pickleball and a variety of other activities; and,

3) Udall and surrounding community youth who aspire to pursue basketball at middle school, high school or college levels to improve their basketball skills.  In effort to give back to a small rural community that provided such great opportunities for Cheryl and me, all Udall youth are provided 1 session per week (7 days) at no cost.  


First and foremost, we do our best to make the Basketball Barn experience enjoyable. We incorporate a large screen projector system that provides  realtime results from the HomeCourt AI app; 94Fifty smart balls; instructional videos; comparative side-by-side video analysis to players having the proper technique; and, music, movies/shows, televised sporting events, etc. depending on the individual's preference. Emphasis is placed on the individual's shooting mechanics. As the shooting form progresses, emphasis moves to heavy repetition -- all with the intent of creating muscle memory for the proper shooting motion. The Shoot Away Gun 6000 is used for rebounding and returning balls to the shooter in effort to maximize reps.

Within the Basketball Barn is a 2-level apartment consisting of  a kitchen/family room, bathroom and upstairs bedroom and exercise room.  The apartment provides families a place to stay if they wish to utilize the facility over multiple days. It is our hope that basketball enthusiasts will look at the Basketball Barn as a place to "get away;" to rid themselves of all the distractions and devote large amounts of time to developing their basketball skills. 

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